CCTV Systems

CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision), also known as Security Cameras, the system comprise of a video recording device (DVR or NVR ), an LED or LCD screen, any number of mounted and remotely-accessible cameras, data cabling & terminals, connection of system to clients network for remote live access via smart phone.

This technology was initially created for use by security personnel, but it has found a variety of uses in various other contexts. These include accident prevention, ensuring that workers are being as productive as possible, and many other purposes. The majority of systems that we provide our clients with are remote-accessible via desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any device with a secure and reliable internet connection.

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​We offer professional solutions and a huge range of products covering 4-128 channels, 1.3- 8 mega pixels, IR, starlight (Ultra Low Light 0.0004 lux), high speed dome……The most important is that we always stand at the front of the world’s security industry, connecting the terminal user and development of industry.